Getting the “News” in Beijing China, 1984


Getting Government Information, Leiyang China, 2008


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            Welcome to, the website of Mitchell W. Pearlman, former Executive Director of thePiercing the Veil of Secrecy: Lessons in the fight for Freedom of information Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission. I’ve created this site primarily to share my vision of the world and in particular the ongoing fight for open and accountable government.

            During a career that extends over 35 years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the governments of many countries, states and provinces and to consult with their leaders as well as leaders from civil society, the news media and academia in those jurisdictions. I’ve traveled to over 50 countries on six continents and formed impressions that have informed my ideas and writing about history, culture, politics and art and architecture, among other things. But most significantly my experience has led me to think long and hard about the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed, the evolution of democracy and the news media, and the effect of technology on the relationship of citizen to state.

            Much of my thinking about these matters has been put in writing in my maiden book entitled Piercing the Veil of Secrecy: Lessons in the Fight for Freedom of information. And this website, quite honestly, has been created in large measure to encourage visitors to buy and read that book.

            Thanks for visiting the site and I hope that you take something worthwhile from it.